The Far-Left Works With Silicon Valley To Fight Populism With Paid Shills And Censorship

Under the guise of fighting “fake news” and being a website that “produces practical political content that challenges conventional narratives about the people and events shaping our world,” Shareblue is teaming up with Silicon Valley to indoctrinate the social web with paid shills and “take back social media for Democrats.”

Shareblue is a far-left propaganda machine that Vanity Fair dubbed the “Breitbart of the Left.” The only problem is, Shareblue isn’t even in the same orbit of influence as Breitbart. While Breitbart’s growth has continued to explode post-election; Shareblue has seen a significant dip in it’s dismal traffic.


Shareblue’s online “army” of paid shills is not a jarring new discovery. They’ve made themselves publically known for months now, attempting to “fight back” against the massive grassroots wave of patriotic Trump supporters on Twitter and other social platforms.

Media Matters For America, a politically progressive “watchdog” in this collation, states that their “top outcomes” over the next four years will be:

  • Exposing “serial misinformers and right-wing propagandists” on social media and in government.
  • Push internet and social media platforms, like Google and Facebook, to “no longer uncritically and without consequence host and enrich fake news sites and propagandists.”
  • “Punish toxic alt-right socialmedia-fueled harassment campaigns”

This playbook seems to line up directly with the recent move twords online censorship by Silicon Valley. It could not be more clear that Silicon Valley is in the back pocket of the Democratic party. Their actions align perfectly with that of this Democracy Matters coalition, which should come as no surprise being that they openly admit to working with them.

Follow the link below for a massive report, show that the fake news filter is actually a censorship tool to suppress the right wing.


Source: The Far-Left Works With Silicon Valley To Fight Populism With Paid Shills And Censorship – Medium

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  1. Anyone who thinks Shareblue is a “far left propaganda machine” clearly has no understanding of where people and organizations are located along the political spectrum. Shareblue is a centerist, neoliberal, big money, Democratic Party establishment media organization along the lines of Correct the Record, the paid internet troll group supporting Hillary Clinton during the 2016 Presidential primaries. It attacks both right and left leaning populist groups and policies with equal vigor. While it may claim to be “liberal” on some social issues, it is in no way progressive, nor does it support economic policies that would likely benefit the overwhelming majority of middle, working, and poor class people of the country.

    The “We Built This” blog attempting to portray Shareblue as being far left as a fear mongering technique does nothing but show that We Built This is just as much a propaganda site as the Shareblue organization it is criticizing.

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