Mall Chaos- Staged Mall Brawls Across The Country (28 events)

Updated at 11:42 PM EST 12/27/2016Live stream analysis:

I will update as reports are confirmed.

FW Police had previous information. Here is what FWPD says in that regard.

Thanks to Kriegsvolk and Mike for the research!!!!



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What can I say, I started this to restore turth in media. Its hard to be SUCKA-FREE in a world full of lolliepops


  1. from your map it looks like one event per state in 17 ?15 states… like a branch of an organization… kinda like MC chapters of a natl org.

  2. Just like the “Black Lives Matter” organizing “disturbances” (riots) it stands to reason these eruptions are on the same level and possibly from the same source – George Soros or CIA or both – anything to destroy the “fabric” of American life. Growing up in the 50’s & 60’s we never had this type of behavior. I was a freshman at Kent State University when the killings occurred. I later read an unpublished document revealing it was a CIA event to shut down the student movement and protests of the Vietnam War. There is an evil determined to take down this country, and has been operating for about 100 years or before. It is a shame people are unaware of this and worse, is their denial of its existence. Until a larger number of people WAKE the FUC! UP, this country will come down – Trump or no Trump.

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