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So, we have a lot of different options as to where we get our news from. Of course, MSM is the most popular for most people. (Also the most dangerous) Then there are online only news sources. Now let’s be careful about the online news sources too. You have, both left and right leaning sources in the MSM and online sources. Then there are independent news sources. They are, neither left nor right leaning. But only wanting to share the truth.

Let’s take a really hard look at MSM. Buckle up for this ride.

We are constantly hearing about the “fake news” involving MSM. But, it’s not so much that it’s “fake news” as it is just another way to control the masses opinions on things. MSM always has, and always will be, used by the Government and the elite. Right now, they have everyone going against all networks except Fox News. Hmmmm doesn’t that seem odd to you? Republican President, right leaning network. (Fox) Of course, the left leaning networks are nothing but completely against the President. Now, I don’t watch any MSM but unfortunately, others do and like to talk about what they are being told. Which means I am subjected to having to hear about the drivel coming from MSM. Here’s the interesting part. When Obama was President Fox News and him didn’t get along. But the left leaning networks were nothing but completely for Obama. Hmmmm, yet again, doesn’t that seem odd to you? Democratic President, left leaning networks. I think we are seeing a pattern here. Oh, but it gets better! Back on September 28th of 2010 it was reported, by CNN no less, that Obama said, “Fox News is ‘destructive to America.” Kind of sounds eerily similar to something Tump recently said, doesn’t it? Just 3 days ago, on February 24th, Trump said that “FAKE NEWS media knowingly doesn’t tell the truth. A great danger to our country.” He goes on to say more but I think you see the point. The MSM, rather they be right leaning or left leaning, are all very dangerous to our country! We’ve heard it now from two different Presidents. Two Presidents who are polar opposites. If you really stop and think about it, the country has been warned by BOTH sides of the political parties. Yes, you can sit there and say that they’re just saying these things because the different sides don’t get along. Most, in fact, believe that and fall right into their trap of watching whichever side they are trying to get the public to watch. I’d like to make two points here;

  1.  Yes, MSM is VERY dangerous to our country. ALL MSM, including Fox News.
  2.  The different sides actually DO get along. Not only do they get along, they are working together to achieve the same end goal. C’mon, let’s not forget what I talked about in a previous article, EVERY President, except one, are related! Sorry, I don’t believe in coincidences. Especially that many!

Just a side note here…..the second largest shareholder of Fox News is Saudi Arabia’s Prince Alwaleed bin Talal. Now if that doesn’t make you stop and think, I’m pretty much convinced nothing will.

Now, in looking at the online news sources, let’s clarify that we’re not talking about the online part of the MSM. We’re talking about online only news sources. Ones that don’t have a TV channel and broadcast because they don’t have that kind of money. (They’re not backed by the ONLY 6 corporations that control 90% of the media in America) They may broadcast cast on YouTube or other platforms, but not on a TV Network.

Same as MSM, these online news sources are either left or right leaning. Which boils down to this…they are, either, against everything Trump or for everything Trump. If you’re getting your news from one of these types of online news sources, you’re still be brainwashed. Please, for the love of Pete, stop reading/listening to them! Then, you have the ones that “claim” to be telling you “truths.” Let’s look at Alex Jones. I can hear it now….Oh yes, Alex Jones is awesome and he’s telling us things the MSM doesn’t because he is working for us, the people! (Please hold while I try not to be sick) Okay, yes Alex Jones APPEARS to be working for the people and not owned by the left or right. However, that is anything but true! Just go to YouTube and search Alex Jones debunked. I’ll let the videos cover all that. No, not my videos, but you’ll find plenty to choose from. My personal opinion, he actually works with or for the CIA. I believe he is a plant. If you think, for one second, that the Government doesn’t know what types of things you watch, ya really might want to start doing some eye opening research. Seriously, before it’s too late. The Government tracks us in ways that would blow your mind. Remember how they needed to implement spying to protect us from terrorists after 9/11? Yea well, yet again, your wonderful Government lied to you. If you really believe those towers were taken down by airplanes and not imploded, please, please, please, search YouTube for the REAL truth and evidence about 9/11. Even the BBC Channel messed up and announced the collapse of WTC 7 roughly 20 minutes BEFORE the tower ever fell. Oops, guess they weren’t paying attention to the timing of their scripts.

So, now we’re left with the independent news sources. Even with these one must use discernment. Unfortunately there are ones who love to throw out headlines just for click bait. Just to get a whole bunch of views and look popular but that most people get so tired of. If you’re TRULY looking for real news that tells you the truth, it is out there. I can give some great recommendations of people who not only tell you the truth, they back it up with evidence that YOU can go look at and see for yourself if it’s true or not. They don’t tell you the truth and just expect you to believe them with no evidence. But, just a heads up, if you check out and/or follow these news sources, you better be prepared to get hit REALLY hard with the truths about what is really happening around us and to us. Are you even aware of all the military vehicles being moved, by trains, big rigs, and on their own, all around the US? Did you know that the UN has a LOT of their vehicles here in the US with a bunch of them stashed at a Kellogg’s warehouse in Westernport, Maryland? No, not just the ones spotted being transported in Virginia. Why would the UN have all these different types of vehicles and supplies here in the US? These are things every citizen needs to know about. (I will try to do an article on the reason for the presence of the UN in the US) You need to know why they are here and you need to know before they come knocking on your door.

What this all boils down to is simple. If you’re following MSM or an online news source, that is pretty much all about politics and not real world events, you need to find a new source, like yesterday!! I’m talking about sources who are actually putting their lives at risk by telling you the things they are. Yes, if you think, for one second, that people who bring you the truth are not risking their lives, then you have definitely been getting your news from the wrong sources! The real truth is a very dangerous thing because it’s what the Government and the elite are working so hard to keep you from knowing. It’s the things the MSM will never report on or will only mention and then bury under some more political bull crap. They certainly aren’t telling you about the riots in France and the fact that they’re on the brink of a civil war due to the migrants Soros funded to have brought in there. As I’m also certain you haven’t heard from MSM that Canada worked a deal with the devil (Soros) too. The Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau accepted a huge sum of money from Soros’ Open Society Foundation to, not only accept these immigrants, but to make them feel perfectly at home. Due to lack of time, instead of telling you about it, just Google M-103 Canada.

I hope this helped some to realize it’s time to turn off the TV and to start researching the truth. Time is not something we have a lot of and you really don’t want to still be asleep when it all comes pouring down on, us, the citizens!

With confidence I can recommend the following groups and/or people to follow to hear real truths. (this site you’re reading this on) Follow all the contributors to this site. They’re all listed on the home page with links to all their accounts you can follow. (UWN) This is run by Dahboo. His Twitter handle is @Dahboo7 His YouTube channels are Dahboo77 and Dahboo777. There are several members of the UWN team. The ones that I know the Twitter handles to are:

  • @letmeexplainit (Erick M. Also a reporter for iCitizenNews)
  • @ImMikeRobertson (also a contributor to iCitizenNews)
  • @da52true (Tobefree) His YouTube channel is tobefree

Also, here are a few people to follow on Twitter that aren’t part of an independent news source, but tweet links to things you won’t hear about from MSM that affect your life and freedom.

  • @Ryan_inNC
  • @endtimesalert

Please check all these out. If you really want hard hitting truth, this is where you will find it.

Please follow and keep an eye out for my next article.

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